The spirit of "eclectic" leads the way!

At Eclectica Gallery it's all about variety-- pursuing change and enjoying adventure --- patching together creatively the beautiful and the interesting from various time periods, and creating a new, eclectic and even more beautiful reality.

These are the thoughts that guided me in 2007 when my husband and I sold our traditional two-story home and moved into what they called a "live-work" building. We set up our residence on the the top floors and a few months later I opened Eclectica Gallery in 1,000 sq. ft. on the first floor to sell a fun mix of new, vintage, and sometimes seriously antique furniture, art, and accents for homes and the people who live in them.

Since that time I have explored and traveled and continued to collect and sell eclectic treasures of many kinds. In 2013 the brick and mortar Eclectica Gallery became seasonal while husband Bill and I followed the sun South in the winter. At that time I opened the Etsy shop for the vintage accents part of my mix and operated it year round.

This year in 2015 we made the hard decision to close the brick and mortar shop in Kentucky and settle full time in Fort Myers, FL. I miss the daily live interactions with great customers "up north", but I love pursuing the Etsy shop more than ever in the almost full time sunshine.

I also continue to love the great community at Etsy with its delightful mix of curious, interesting, and friendly people, both buyers and sellers . So now, as I begin another sunnier chapter in the great eclectic adventure I invite you to come along. ALL are welcome!