It's March and we're headed headlong into a new spring and Easter season -- the time of year when we most welcome life renewing itself in giddy pastel lushness.  For many of us the urge to freshen up our spaces and our entertaining hits us hardest in the spring. We want the world we create to look as new as the nature around us.

So today I got out the newest vintage dishes to arrive in our shop, along with some familiar things from my cabinets and drawers, and grabbed a camera to show you one easy and practical way you can give your spaces and your entertaining a fresh for 2017 look without a lot of cost or difficulty.

Since I'm lucky enough to live in Florida I chose to move outside to create my fresh table, but if it's not warm enough yet where you are you can get the same feel by opening the blinds and doing your table in view of a sunny window.  

The vintage set of Epoch Collection stonewear dishes used here came with 15 pieces, so I have set my table for a light luncheon, tea, or dessert gathering, even though you could easily get the same effect for a dinner table by adding in dinner plates in white or one of the several spring colors coordinated so beautifully in our theme setting tulip dishes.  To add freshness I set my spring dishes on starched white cut work placemats, and used a polished stainless flatware in a simple pattern from the 1960s.  Since I had only a single cereal sized bowl as part of the tulip collection I decided to use it as a perfectly coordinated container for my DIY centerpiece arrangement of fresh flowers from the yard.  Knowing that I would need a serving bowl and platter to hold the sandwiches, sweets, salad, or snacks for my imaginary occasion I included the tulip platter and  tulip serving bowl on my table.  

And voile, with only 15 new again dishes and a little imagination I was welcoming a whole new spring 2017 with as fresh and young a look as the season itself.  And this time even clean up was going to be a breeze since everything is dishwasher safe.

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