In case you missed our recent "upcycling" idea on Eclectica Gallery's social media -- Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram accounts -- I'm repeating it here.  I also am having a hard time putting this little gem away because I like it so much.

I love the graciously sociable air this little former ashtray can give a bar, buffet, cocktail table, or strategically positioned serving side piece.  And I more than love the holiday look of the red and green olives combined with some awesomely handy red and green topped cocktail toothpicks.  

Maybe you like the idea of adding a speared olive to your glass of wine.  Who can tell you it's a gross "no no" if this little dish has the olives right there begging you to help yourself!

I also love that by using this dish in this way we are saving a gorgeous piece of Lenox china from unfair extinction simply because no one wants to have an ashtray sitting around at their indoor entertaining occasions any more.

So, maybe you can try enjoying a pretty ashtray in a creative way during your holidays, or maybe you can come up with another great idea for putting something beautiful but obsolete back in service.  If your mind first locks onto the fun of upcycling I'm sure you will.  

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