There are at least two ways to create a beautiful holiday table. One way is by  visiting Macy's or Bed, Bath, and Beyond in person or online and surrendering your Visa to buy a 4, 6 or 8 place setting service plus serving pieces of a current manufacturer's holiday dish line. For $180 - $500 you will certainly have a very "in" matched look of the year that will shine in the eyes of your guests.

But a second way I'm going to urge you to consider, is the Eclectica Gallery way. This involves a physical visit to a vintage or consignment store in your city, or a visit to Eclectica Gallery online, to shop the random selections of different manufacturer's holiday dishes from the past to create a stunningly original, one-of-kind holiday look that will not only dazzle your guests, but will also remain in their memories forever as a distinct and beloved reflection of the uniqueness of you.

The way you accomplish this wonderful and distinct reflection of you involves a process called "curating".  You survey what's available and start mixing and matching in your own way, similar to what I have done with the various random pieces from two sets of dishes and a mid century glass creamer and sugar in the collage picture here. The cost to your Visa for creating your table the Eclectica Gallery way using a similar amount of pieces as in the Macy's estimate would be $96 - $275.  And there is also a good chance that you already have some pieces from current dish sets and hostess extras that you can mix into this kind of blended setting that will beautifully complete your look and save you more money for the rest of your holiday shopping. 

In these photos I have used pieces from a discontinued pattern of solid red dishes with green accents from a lesser known, but high end manufacturer named Taitu, and an also discontinued holly and berry patterned line from the better known Gibson dish maker.  I love the way mixing the solid reds with the more subtle pattern of the holly and berries make the whole look pop in such a happy and fun holiday way.  However, as you can see from my photos, there are many ways to tone it up or tone it down to your personal best style by varying the mix your own way. 

So I hope this has given you a few new ideas for your holiday celebrations, and a little more insight into the Eclectica Gallery way of combining old and new to creatively express the uniqueness of you.  But, as always, and most importantly be sure to ENJOY!

NOTE - Listings for the pieces pictured here can be found at: