If minds unite around celebrating the holidays in December, then in January, when we need to put the holidays away, minds tend to unite on the subject of home organization. And of course, with Eclectica Gallery and me loving to think about vintage, I try to make it fun and earth friendly by coming up with ways to reuse and repurpose lovely and unique vintage items to help me control the clutter.   

The windows in the photo with this post show some of the home organization ideas I came up with for items in the "Vintage Trinket & Storage" department of Eclectica Gallery. I commandeered a Hammersley china divided serving dish to hold skin care products, toiletries, and jewelry on my bathroom vanity. I love the way it keeps things handy and yet lets me easily move everything at the same time when I need to wipe off the counter.    

On my desk in the Eclectica Gallery office I put to use a monkey pod divided tray from the 1960s along with a crescent shaped china bone dish from the 1940s and several earlier 20th c. china butter pat dishes to hold a whole slew of office necessities from note paper and pens to rubber bands and paper clips sorted in sizes. For organizing other kinds of business items, as well as quite a bit of personal jewelry, I used a 1980s resin note paper holder as well as china trinket boxes with lids, china trinket dishes & butter pat dishes without lids, a paper mache Easter bunny box, and a Hummel wood music box that plays Laura's theme from Dr. Zhivago when it gets opened to retrieve a necklace. In a relatively short time I not only had a lot of things and a lot of surfaces in my home and office looking much less cluttered and working much more efficiently, but I was also getting to reuse and display some unique little treasures that I enjoy seeing around me.

If you would like to do something like  this in your home, I suggest you start with vintage items you already own. Look in your cupboards, closets and drawers for pretty little dishes, pottery pieces, planters, baskets, lidded boxes, and even coffee mugs that could hold office items, toiletries, and jewelry. Start placing them around and filling them with necessities. If you come up short of containers you like, then check out a vintage store like Eclectica Gallery to fill in with a few "new" items that give your decluttering and your aesthetic senses a helping hand.  And don't ever think that what fuels good memories or celebrates your sense of art is not just as important as what tidies up your spaces. Enjoy!