This is basically a story of Eclectica Gallery's quirky mistress having the most fun possible with the new adventure of growing her own citrus in Southwest Florida.  But along the way there have been some interesting discoveries that you can enjoy too.

Several years ago hubby and I started growing a small Meyer Lemon Tree in a large white concrete pot on a sunny corner of our driveway.  Much to our delight the tree has thrived to the point of giving us a harvest of about 3 dozen beautiful ripe lemons this December.  

It was lemonade heaven for sure -- until I realized that it wasn't likely we were going to be able to drink enough gallons of lemonade, or get around to making that fresh lemon meringue pie I crave, before the lemons began to spoil.

That's when I got out the 1960s Anchor Hocking glass manual citrus squeezer and the 1980s Proctor Silex electric juicer and set to work.  I ended up using the electric juicer more for its speed and ability to filter out some of the seeds, and in less than an hour all the lemons were squeezed.  Then I poured the juice into 4 old time small cube ice cube trays and put them in the freezer. In another short time I popped the frozen cubes out of the trays and sealed them in gallon freezer bags to fit easily into a small space in my freezer.

We have been enjoying individual glasses of fresh lemonade on demand ever since.  To make a glass of lemonade I put 2 or 3 lemon cubes in the bottom of a tall glass and fill the glass a bit more than half full of water.  I stir to dissolve the lemon cubes then add sugar or stevia, or a sugar/stevia mix until it suits my taste for sweetness.  Next I fill with ice, add a straw, and drink...umm,umm good.

And if you don't happen to have the luxury of growing your own lemons think about employing this process for having your own fresh citrus delights year around when you notice that lemons must be "in season" because large bags of them at low prices start appearing in your grocery's produce department. On a weekend just buy a bag, grab a vintage or new (if you must) juicer,  and spend a modest amount of time for your own healthy and delicious lemonade on demand.  You'll be glad you did.